We recommend you to apply the insurance to have your use in peace. This is an optional limited insurance program (500 yen/set) which can cover the device malfunction under normal usage or got splash of a water. The fee 500 yen/set is fixed rate regardless of the length of rental period.


【Excess usage】

If you returned device beyond the rental period you paid, we will charge you the excess rate 500 yen a day.

Please be aware of that the cargo service picking up time in a day defined by the post officer.

If you missed the cargo service at a post box on a street, you will then be charged the excess charge.




If you didn't apply the optional insurance program and got happend mulfunction regardless it is caused by your fault or not, we will charge you the actual expense of repair fee after the investigation of the returned device.


【Lost or Stolen】

If the rental device is lost or stolen while renting, we will charge you 40,000 yen per set.

Please be carefully managed it which not to be happened facing to the situation.



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